Eat Shit & Die: the First Two EP's

by Bad Idols

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released October 13, 2015

"Eat Shit" e.p (Tracks 1 -7) :
Recorded in June 2012 in Dandridge,TN by Jason Jenkins at his home studio.

"Die" e.p (Tracks 8- 11):
Recorded in November 2012 by Jason Jenkins again at his home studio again.

Engineered/Mixed/Mastered by: Jason Jenkins
Produced by: b.i



all rights reserved


Bad Idols Knoxville, Tennessee

Eric, Paul, and Garrett.

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Track Name: Bad Ideas
I'm here again. Crying in my bed. Just looking for a friend.
But nothing could make up for times that i spent.
I'll throw away everything i represent.
So take me back! A pretty girl gave me a pizza for snack.
A homeless guy gave me a beer from his bag.
Hitting rock bottom ain't feeling so bad this time.
And i've got all these Bad Ideas that i share with distant peers.
But how else might i make this clear to you?
Despite the loss, i'll see it through.
Track Name: Bird
Another day, i find my self alone staring at my phone.
But no one's calling , so I flip the record to the other side.
The only place to hide from what i feel inside.
Track Name: Cosby Weather
I wear this cosby sweater for this cosby weather.
It starts getting cold so early nowadays.
The leaves are changing colors and you ex just changed her number.
Look back and laugh. Count the times you cheated on both hands.
I'm sure I'll be hearing from you again.
Track Name: Forever
With all these things I've said and done,
it doesn't make much sense what i've become.
I'm just a picture on the wall, a memory, unanswered calls.
But I make just make it up to you. Some day soon.
What i would do to forever be close to you.
It's not in your plans. Just give me a chance to make it through.
Track Name: We Are Just Words
We are just words on the tip of god's tongue.
A noun, a verb, a curse, or an excuse to just stay home all alone.
So why would i pretend that i am anything significant at all?
Just bob your head. Ignore your death.
Because pretty soon this will all be over, and everyone you've ever loved or cared about will disappear.
Everyone you've ever considered your friend will disappear.
Track Name: New Sounds
I woke up today and nothing's the same.
It's hard to forgive when there's no one to blame.
And everyone's tired from what i can see.
It's hard to keep up when you keep your mouth shut,
But what could i say now that nothing's enough?
As the new sound bellows in my ear.

And now my heart feels like it's about to explode.
I can't believe I've let myself get this low.
If the future could bring us someone to sing a simple melody of truth,
Then maybe we'd find a way out of here.

And sometimes i try to stand tall against
the way that feel and all my regrets.
But there's not enough time in the day.
Track Name: A Rather Large Cardinal
Look to the forrest.
What did i see?
A big red cardinal looking at me.
Cardinals fly. Cardinals die.
Look into the cardinal's eye.
Look into the cardinal's mind.
New beginnings you will find.
Track Name: Small and Simple
Sometimes i think I've lost faith in myself.
Sometimes i think i just cant handle this.
I just get so worried about small and simple things.
I'd like to get my mind off of you.

Now I just want to reminisce on the things that i've done wrong.
And I just wanna sing about how much i dont belong
in a world that's just so serious, so stressful, and so mean.
I'd like to get my mind off of you.

Can't you see it killing me to be this way in front of you?
I still believe that you're there for me, but I'm not strong enough to be.
Track Name: Peace Frog
You can find me in a swerving car,
The darkest parts of human hearts or
Maybe im not what you're looking for.
But every now and then i'll show up trying to collect peace of mind.
One by one my friends all grow up.
I wish i could fucking rewind and pick my feelings up out of the trash.
Where i layed them when i chose to understand.
It hurts to think about all the friends i have to do without.
I just hope you see, it's me just being me.

I guess it's all my fault that i'll turn out being nothing at all.
I just hope you see, it's me just being me.