by Bad Idols

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released February 24, 2015

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Tom Malinowski at Cellar Door Studios in Amityville, New York August 11-13 of 2014.



all rights reserved


Bad Idols Knoxville, Tennessee

Eric, Paul, and Garrett.

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Track Name: Devils
Nights like this, I don't know why, I get so scared I can't open my eyes. I think I might've lost it all, if you hadn't been there. Some nights I just to cry, when I am reminded of all the goodbyes, the broken trust, or the ways I tried to hurt you.
But you won't see me around here anymore. And when I hear that you are happy, I will try and ignore.

I bet you wished that I would die for "fucking you up" and "ruining your life." What an awesome way to tell someone "I love you".
And if I die before I wake , please don't label this as my biggest mistake.
Just bury me with my guitar and my skateboard.
Last year I wasted all of my time trying to force myself into the make believe. But I can't sit back and take it this time. I'm fucking done. Yeah , you're gonna believe!!
Track Name: Zombies
"I don't think I wanna live anymore" were the words that I thought when I fell to the floor. All you people are zombies. It's hard to ignore. Can you take me away from this?
I'm sick of hearing the same bands all the time. Like being so unique is some sort of a crime, and all the bail-bondsmen are bonding and humming along to their favorite Wonder Years song.
I'm sick of feeling fucking mad all the time, but being self assured helps to maintain my mind. So if I seem harsh or I take it too far; stay the fuck away from me! If I happen to offend what you represent; stay the fuck away from me!!!
Track Name: Drainer
I'm down in the dumps again. All I had was all for none.
Maybe in this year i'll find out what i want.
Everything that i have layed out for myself has somehow slowly changed. The walls are closing in on my project of pain.
It's got me feeling so insane. R-rated featured called "My Brain".
It's drained.
Track Name: Loser
To the girl i had intimate moments with, and the picture got out on the internet. And you wanted to end your life from embarrassed.
To the man i robbed 3 days before my birthday, and your baby's child support was late. But you still gave me free drugs at Noel's party.

I know what i've done to deserve the things that happen to me.
I know that i'm scum and i hope someday that i can forgive me.
I'm a victim of abusing things that i love
and i know that some day they'll be gone.
So I guess i'll get used to the facts.
I've got some losing to do.
Track Name: Crabioli
I wanna do just what you think.
I wanna sell my fucking face.
I wanna date Miley Cyrus.
I wanna wake up in a better place.
I want my own tv movie.
I wanna talk like wise men do.
I want all this world has to offer,
But sometimes I'd still rather kill myself.

Why do it make it look like so much fun , you stupid piece of shit!?!?!?
Track Name: New Sound
I woke up today and nothing's the same.
It's hard to forgive when there's no one to blame.
And everyone's tired from what I can see.
It's hard to keep up when you keep your mouth shut,
But what could i say now that nothing's enough?
As the new sound bellows in my ear.

And now my heart feels like it's about to explode.
I can't believe I've let myself get this low.
If the future could bring us someone to sing a simple melody of truth, Then maybe we'd find a way out of here.

The bottom of this is deeper than bliss,
The purest of thoughts shrouded in ignorance.
With all of this doubt resting under my skin again.
Track Name: Skin
Time spent so sincere. But now all i hear is the sound of a voice speaking words so unfamiliar. Is this what death is like?
Best show of the year, the last show of my life.
It was bound to be this way,. I fucked up once and now im fading away. And i think about how many times I've tried to get it right. To make it clean. To shed the skin that made you flee.
But you wont return to me.

You've found a safe place under my skin with good intent, but ive got so much left to do before this year is through.
Track Name: Death Blunt
Get fifteen roaches. Put them in a dutch. Death blunt. Death blunt.
Track Name: 2nd Arrest
Stoked! Getting ready to smoke with Roberto and Co, and that's when the lights started flashing.
Shit! Not even a hit! Fuck Robbie, he's a bitch!
And the brake light that was out on Co-T's car didn't really help us.
Nothing left to say. One less friend I have today.
Recollections of my 2nd arrest.
Track Name: Away
It's not like me to not feel sorry.
I'll kill myself most definitely.
I've got boxes for shoes
And a heart for my blues.
I keep singing these songs but im so out of tune.
I keep thinking that it's all a waste
When all i can do is fall flat on my face.

I found a way i can be myself today.
I can't figure it all out. So i won't think about how
I found a way.